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DEGIRO is the first pan-European broker offering clients access to over 60 exchanges worldwide for some of the lowest fees available.

DEGIRO began as an institutional broker in 2008 servicing professional clients. In September 2013 DEGIRO launched its online retail brokerage service in the Netherlands offering retail investors the same fees as professional clients. This announcement caused a shockwave throughout the broker landscape and captured widespread media attention upon launch. In many areas, this immediately made DEGIRO the most competitive online broker in the world. In the UK, DEGIRO is on average 85% cheaper than competitors. See our Fees for more details.

Today DEGIRO has grown substantially with over 200,000 clients using the platform.  DEGIRO is active in 18 countries, employing 180 people.

Due to its low transaction fees, DEGIRO appeals to every investor in search of an execution-only stockbroker. The WebTrader is user-friendly enough for new investors while more experienced investors can benefit from access to a large number of financial instruments and markets. Read more on Trading Platform, Fees, and Product Offering.

In 2008 DEGIRO began providing services to professional investors. In 2013, our fully in-house developed platform was made available for private investors. This was the first time that a broker brought retail clients access to institutional trading rates on such a large scale.

DEGIRO is an execution-only broker which means that we do not give investment advice or manage your assets. We focus only on the execution or transmission of your orders. By focusing on this we can do so quite efficiently allowing us to pass on our savings in costs to clients. We don’t consider DEGIRO to be cheap so much as other brokers are needlessly expensive.

You can find out more about DEGIRO through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

DEGIRO is a Netherlands based licensed investment firm. Following Dutch law DEGIRO fully segregate the assets of clients from the assets of DEGIRO.

Client assets are held in a separate custodian entities. These entities only hold (safe keep and administrate) the assets on clients’ behalf. So that in unlikely event something happens to DEGIRO, client assets can and will be returned to the clients rather than being treated as recoverable assets.

For more information, please read the ISI – Investment Services.

DEGIRO is a Netherlands based licensed investment firm and as such is under the financial supervision of The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and the Dutch Central Bank (DNB).

To see our license, please check the register of the AFM here.

DEGIRO performs it licensed investment services abroad from The Netherlands, under the so-called ‘MiFID passport’ or ‘MiFID-cross-border service’ regime.

DEGIRO is also included on the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) register in the UK which can be found here.

Yes. The Dutch Investor Protection Scheme (Beleggerscompensatiestelsel) is applicable, as DEGIRO is a licensed investment firm authorised by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) for the provision of investment services.

This scheme protects individual clients up to €20,000. Information about the Dutch Investor Protection Scheme can be found in English on the De Nederlandsche Bank (Dutch Central Bank) website here.

With the results of the UK referendum on EU membership voting to leave the EU, there have been a number of questions surrounding DEGIRO and the UK.

DEGIRO provides its licensed investment services, based on the MiFID cross-border service regime under EU law. This regime allows EU investment firms to 'passport' their investment services, and provide these to other EU/EEA countries.

As the formal negotiation process has only started and no formal decisions have been made, the UK remains part of the single market and retains MiFID. This means that currently there is no change in legislation or any changes announced and as such DEGIRO's provided investment services in the UK remain unaffected.