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All fees that DEGIRO charges can be found on the Fee Schedule and Custody Fee Schedule.

No. There are no initial or setup fees to create an account.

No. There are no inactivity fees nor is there a minimum trading limit imposed on account holders.

No. There are no annual maintenance, service, or custody charges.

The Giro Transaction Fee is the commission fee for making trades using DEGIRO.

Most fees for trading are composed of two parts: a base rate plus a variable rate depending on the amount or number of shares in the order. The fee is charged on your account in these two parts.

DEGIRO has a connectivity fee to set up trading opportunities. This is to provide access to a large number of exchanges and provide technical support within Europe, Asia and North America, this fee is levied upon those who are using these exchanges. DEGIRO use a pay-per-use policy in its pricing, this means if you use a particular service you will be charged a fee but if you do not then you will not incur additional fees.

For the connection fees you will pay €2.50 per annum for each exchange with the exception of London Stock Exchange. These charges will be applied if you carry out a transaction or hold a position during the calendar year.

Example: Your portfolio value is €5,000 and you have carried out trades on London Stock Exchange, Euronext Derivatives, Eurex and also hold positions on the NYSE and London Stock Exchange, the below calculation will provide the fees:

    • London Stock Exchange € 0.00 (for both positions and transaction(s))
    • Euronext Derivatives € 2.50 (for transactions)
    • Eurex € 2.50 (for transactions)
    • NYSE € 2.50 (for holding positions)

The fees for this year would be: 3 x € 2.50 = € 7.50

This is not a fee rather how the foreign currency transaction is booked in your base currency. FX Credit and FX Withdrawal indicate that a currency change has occurred in your account. This can occur, for example, when you buy a share in USD or the conversion of a dividend received in a foreign currency.

Each FX Credit has an FX Withdrawal in another currency, whereby the related transactions can be assigned by the sequential number. The displayed currency can be selected in the account at the upper left corner.