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Please go to the DEGIRO homepage and click Login in the top right-hand corner of the page. Then simply enter the username and password you chose during the registration.

If you have forgotten your user name it can be found in the original welcome e-mail from DEGIRO. Alternatively, please contact our Service Desk at +44 (0) 20 3695 7834 and we will be able to assist.

If you have forgotten your password, you can use the reset password option on the Login screen by selecting Forgotten your login details?

Enter your username and the email address you provided when registering with DEGIRO and choose Reset Password. An email will then be sent to your registered email address with further instructions.

Please contact our Service Desk at +44 (0) 20 3695 7834 and we will be able to assist.

Yes. We offer the use of Two-step verification via Google Authenticator.

If you have got a new phone or otherwise need to reset your Two-step verification, please contact our service desk at +44 (0) 20 3695 7834 for assistance.

After your account has been opened, you can change your contact details by clicking on Change Settings in the WebTrader.

If any other details are incorrect, please contact our Service Desk at clients@degiro.co.uk.

To change the bank details, please contact our Service Desk at clients@degiro.co.uk.

In order to change the bank details registered on your account, we require an initial payment to be made from the new account to verify the name on the new bank account.

Please be aware that the primary registered bank account must be used for all withdrawals.

Please contact our Service Desk at clients@degiro.co.uk for assistance.

Yes. You can choose to receive automatic trade confirmation emails when your orders are executed. To select this option, go to Trading Settings and choose to receive an email under Feedback order status.

No. DEGIRO’s services are provided entirely online. We do not issue any paper (certified) shares or contract notes.

Unfortunately we cannot currently send duplicate trade confirmations to a third party. However for reporting trades to your compliance department, we are able to send a quarterly statement of your Transaction Overview.

For additional details or to request this service please contact our Service Desk at clients@degiro.co.uk.

Upon request, DEGIRO can provide a Certificate of Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO). This will show all holdings in your account at a given time and date.

There is an additional cost for this service. Please see the Fee Schedule and Custody Fee Schedule for details.

The primary reference number for DEGIRO clients is the username used to log in.

You can open multiple accounts with the same details (name, address, email, etc.). The only details which must be different is the username.

If you wish to open multiple accounts using the same bank details, when transferring funds please include the username you wish to have the funds added to in the details of the transfer.

DEGIRO offers a number of different statement types. To download a statement click on the appropriate tab, and select the date range desired. On the left hand of the screen you can choose to download in .xls, .csv, or .pdf format.

The following statement types are available:

  • Portfolio: Statement and valuation of your current portfolio and cash balance at the time of download.
  • Account: Statement of all activity on your account. This statement includes (but is not limited to) your trades, commission fees, applicable taxes, and interest charges.
  • Transactions: Statement of all trades made on your account.

Additionally, DEGIRO will release an Annual Report of your account. This can be found under the Reports tab.

On your WebTrader, there is an option to refer your friends to DEGIRO via email or social media.

The Client Agreement is comprised of:

In case of clients, who have chosen profiles “Active”, “Trader” or “Day Trader”, there are additional conditions in place, which, if applicable, are part of the Client Agreement:

  • The Appendix Debit Money, consisting of the Debit Money Conditions and the signed  Acceptance Form Debit Money (to be found on your WebTrader)
  • The Appendix Debit Securities, consisting of the Debit Securities Conditions and the signed  Acceptance Form Debit Securities (to be found on your WebTrader)
  • The Appendix Derivatives, consisting of the Derivatives Conditions and the signed Acceptance Form Derivatives (to be found on your WebTrader).

If you would like to close your account please send a request to our Service Desk at clients@degiro.co.uk.

In order to help improve the client experience at DEGIRO, we would kindly appreciate your feedback and the main reason for the closure request. When we have received your e-mail, we will close the account and return any deposits to your nominated bank account.