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Please go to the DEGIRO homepage and click ‘Login’ in the top right-hand corner of the page, then simply enter the user name and password you chose during the registration process and click ‘Log in’.  Alternatively, please click here to go directly to the DEGIRO login window.

At DEGIRO you can obtain debit money at extremely low rates through the use of allocation. The costs for the allocated amounts are as follows:




Debit rate (EUR)

EONIA (minimum of 0) + 1,25%

Debit rate (USD)

USD LIBOR (minimum of 0) + 1,25%

Debet rente (GBP)

LIBOR (minimum of 0) + 1,25%

Debit rate (SEK)

STIBOR (minimum of 0) + 1,55%

Debit rate (DKK)

DKK Tomorrow/Next (minimum of 0) + 1,75%

Debit rate (NOK)

NOWA (minimum of 0) + 1,50%

Debit rate (PLN)

WIBOR (minimum of 0) + 3,50%

Debit rate (HUF)

BUBOR (minimum of 0) + 2,50%

Debit rate (CZK)

PRIBOR (minimum of 0) + 3,00%

Every month you can specify the amount and currency you wish to allocate to your account. Your most recent request is decisive and will be valid from the first day of the next month. This request will automatically be renewed for every following month unless you specify otherwise.

Allocation is simple:

  • • Send an email from your registered email address to with the subject “allocation".
  • • State the last three characters of your username.
  • • Specify the currency and amount you wish to allocate to your account.

For example, if you wish to allocate 10,000 euros and 2,000 dollars for next month, you would need to send the following email;

Subject: "allocation"

Username : (last three characters)

Amount : 10.000 EUR

Amount : 2.000 USD

The benefit of allocation is that you obtain margin for extremely low rates. Keep in mind that the rates are charged over the whole allocated amount, also when partially used. Your request will always be fulfilled, however debit money is subject to available margin in your account.

Non allocated debit funds are available at an annual rate of 4%. Interest costs are charged monthly.

With the results of the UK referendum on EU membership voting to leave the EU, there have been a number of questions surrounding DEGIRO and the UK. DEGIRO uses a piece of EU legislation commonly referred to as MiFID which means that European firms can ‘passport’ their services into other EU/EEA countries. With the formal negotiation process now under way, the UK remains part of the single market while retaining MiFID. This means there is no change in legislation or any change announced and as such DEGIRO’s UK services remains unaffected.

If you have forgotten your password, you can use the reset password option on the ‘Log in‘ screen by clicking ‘Forgotten your login details?‘.  Enter your username and the email address you provided when registering with DEGIRO.  Click ‘Reset Password‘.  An email will be sent to your registered email address with further instructions.

If you have forgotten your user name it can be found in the original welcome e-mail from DEGIRO. Alternatively, please contact our Customer Service team on 020 369 578 34.

If you would like to change your registered bank account please contact the Customer Service and Order Desk via email: to request the change.  

You will then be required to send a deposit (min. 0.10 GBP) from the new bank account, this first deposit will be used to verify your details and check the bank account is registered in your name.

Once we have received a transfer from your new bank account and your details have been successfully verified, the change will take effect and the funds will be allocated to your investment account.

Please be aware transfers from your new bank account  must include the following:

-          Your new Sort Code;

-          Your new Account Number;

-          Your Full Name 

Payment account details are as follows:

-          Beneficiary Name: Stichting De Giro

-          Account Number: 75631100

-          Sort Code: 23-10-48

A Custody Profile has different conditions and fees.  

A Custody profile means the securities are held separately and are unable to be loaned to third parties.  Derivative products cannot be traded under this account profile, and there are other fees associated with real time price data on Euronext exchanges.  

However you will still benefit from our low transaction costs and save money through trading with DEGIRO.

The differences per profile are shown in the table below.

Standard Profile

Custody Profile

Unprecedented low fees

Unprecedented low fees

Shares, Bonds, Trackers and Funds

Shares, Bonds, Trackers and Funds

Going “Short” is possible

Going “Short” is not possible

Debit Money facility is available

Limited Debit Money facility is available

Trading Turbos, Speeders and Sprinters


Free real time prices


Derivatives trading


For further information please see the document Profiles and the separate fee schedules for both Standard and Custody profiles.


Please download and complete the ‘transfer portfolio‘ form in the document centre and send it to us online: or by post.  You will receive a confirmation email when the document has been received indicating the next stage in the procedure.  Is it not the policy of DEGIRO to reimburse any costs imposed by your bank.

A Basic Profile provides you with access to all available products and investment services of DEGIRO except Debit Money, Debit Securities and Derivatives.  This is the standard account type when you register with DEGIRO.

With an Active Profile you can also make use of the services Debit Money, Debit Securities and Derivatives.  Under this Profile, use of the services Debit Money and Debit Securities is limited.  Pleae see the document Security Value, Risk, Debit Money and Debit Securities in the Investment Services Information.

A Trader Profile allows you to have further access to the investment services of DEGIRO, including the service Derivatives and full use of the services Debit Money and Debit Securities as further described in the document Security Value, Risk, Debit Money and Debit Securities in the Investment Services Information.

Day Trader
A Day Trader Profile is an upgrade of the Trader Profile allowing you to trade more actively during the time that DEGIRO and the relevant markets are open.  Separate limits and conditions apply to the Day Trader Profile between 7:00 and 20:30 GMT.  Risk will be calculated in a different way than under the other Profiles and as a consequence, with the same amount of Security Value, more exposure can be taken.  For further details please refer to the document Security Value, Risk, Debit Money and Debit Securities in the Investment Services Information.


The investment risks associated with each account profile are lowest in Basic and highest in the Day Trader Profile.  Use of the services Derivatives, Debit Money and Debit Securities carry extra risk and it is possible your losses could exceed the amount of your deposit, leading to a negative Balance.

If you would like to close your account please send a request via e-mail to 

In order to help improve the client experience at DEGIRO, we would kindly appreciate your feedback and the main reason for the closure request.  When we have received your e-mail, we will close the account and return any deposits to your nominated bank account. 

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team via email: or telephone on: 020 369 578 34.