We have developed our WebTrader for the latest versions of different browsers (including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari). The WebTrader works excellently with most browsers however outdated browsers can sometimes cause problems. We advise you to use the latest version of all browsers, you will then be assured of all security updates and service packs from the supplier.

Why update your browser?

  • - Outdated browsers may contain security leaks;
  • - Outdated browsers may not show all the possibilities and features of this or other websites;
  • - New browsers generally contribute to a better internet experience.

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In the top right hand corner of the website you will find the search function, under -> “Search a fund”. This will allow you to find a specific stock or another financial instrument. You can search for a stock by inserting its name or ISIN code in the search box.  ISIN stands for 'International Securities Identification Number' and identifies tradable securities by their unique code. This is the safest way of searching for specific products as it minimizes the chances of buying the wrong product by accident.


ISIN stands for International Securities Identification Number and identifies tradable securities by their unique code. This is the safest way of searching for products, because it minimizes the chances of buying the wrong product by accident.

You can add a product to your list of favourites by clicking on the star * icon. A specific product has been added to your list as soon as the icon has turned black. You can find your favourites list under ‘Portfolio’ in the main menu.  This allows you to easily access price information of a specific financial instrument.

At DEGIRO foreign currency transactions can be handled in two ways.

With the AutoFX function all foreign currencies will automatically be purchased for you. At the time of order execution, AutoFX will convert the exact amount of GBP required to conduct a trade in a foreign currency.  If for example, you would like to buy American shares for USD 3,000, the AutoFX facility will automatically convert the exact amount of GBP required to complete the transaction in USD.  Consequently, you do not first have to conduct you own currency conversion.  In addition, all monies which arise from sales of financial instruments or from any other transactions will automatically be converted to the base currency GBP. When the AutoFX function is on you will only have a cash fund position in GBP.

With the Manual function settings you have the possibility to manually purchase foreign currencies. When the manual function is turned on for a particular currency, a cash position in this currency will be held as a foreign currency. When the manual function is turned on, you will have a spending limit up to your position in this currency. For example, when you have a cash balance in USD of $5,000 alongside a cash balance of £5,000 GBP and you attempt to place an order for $6,000, then this order cannot be accepted because of inadequate USD balance.

The AutoFX function is the automatic default setting for currency conversion. However, if you frequently trade in foreign currencies the Manual function could be the most cost-effective option. The difference in fees between the two models can be found in the ‘Fees‘ schedule document.

Products can be found using the ticker code, as long as the ticker code contains more than three characters. In due course other ticker codes will be added to the platform.