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At DEGIRO your fees are on average 85% lower than with other brokers and banks. This helps to improve your returns. You can even invest commission-free across a wide selection of popular tracker funds.

Degiro Average fees other brokers Savings with DEGIRO1
Tesco for £1,000 £1.79 £10.45 83%
Apple for £2,000 £0.49 £13.73 96%
FTSE 100 Tracker for £10,000 £0.002 £10.16 100%

1 Average saving compared to 7 other brokers, see degiro.co.uk/fees.

2 Terms and conditions apply, see here.

Invest Worldwide

For years, DEGIRO has been active as a broker for highly active and institutional investors in Europe. DEGIRO is currently active in 18 countries.

The infrastructure of DEGIRO is fully developed in-house. Through our trading platform it is possible to invest across all major exchanges worldwide.

How did DEGIRO become a top five European broker?

DEGIRO has been a reliable partner for professional investors for years and has been active in the private market since 2013. Meanwhile, more than 200,000 investors benefit from our unprecedented low rates, making DEGIRO the fastest growing broker in Europe.

Average 85% lower fees

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A user-friendly platform

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Maxium security

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Innovative technology with an innovative broker

Innovation is one of the core values ​​of DEGIRO. This leads to a highly refined trading platform.

At DEGIRO we develop our own software which enables us to offer ever more innovative services in the future. DEGIRO is already distinguished in terms of fees, global investment opportunities, numerous order types, and a revolutionary web trader.

Award-winning Broker

When investing in DEGIRO, you invest with a frequently accredited broker. DEGIRO has been proclaimed several times as the best broker in several countries in Europe. Not only in the Netherlands, where DEGIRO is a market leader, in countries such as Spain and Germany, DEGIRO is praised for low rates and many trading opportunities.

Best Low-cost StockBroker

Financial Times & Investors Chronicle (UK)
Investment and Wealth Management Awards 2017

Best Broker

Golden Bull 2017 (Netherlands)

Best Online Broker

Handelsblatt (Germany) Broker Comparison 2016 & 17

Best Stock Broker

Rankia (Spain) Best Broker Comparison 2016

Start investing within minutes.

Start within minutes.

  • Incredibly low fees.
  • Comprehensive tools, capabilities, and service.
  • Worldwide. Anytime and anywhere.
  • Secure structure.
  • Incredibly low fees.
  • Comprehensive tools, capabilities, and service.
  • Worldwide. Anytime and anywhere.
  • Secure structure.

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