User-Friendly Web Trader

We provide a fast, simple and user-friendly WebTrader enabling you to keep track of your orders, prices and portfolio at a glance.  With sophisticated tools and options but no unnecessary extras.

Place Orders and Keep Track of Investments Easily with our User Friendly Webtrader

Quick Bar

The Quickbar Shows Market Information Conveniently on Every PageUse the Quick Bar to find market information, outstanding orders and recent transactions easily. Manage your portfolio efficiently from every page.

Quick Order

Click the QuickOrder Button to Place a Trade Quickly and Easily

On every page you will also find the 'QuickOrder' button allowing you to place a trade quickly and easily.

Real-Time Streaming Prices

Keep up to Date with Realtime Streaming PricesWe give all clients free access to real-time streaming prices on most European stocks (via Chi-x). It is also possible to receive real-time prices from London Stock Exchange (LSE) by paying a monthly fee. For UK stocks the London Stock Exchange is the primary exchange where orders are send.

Depth Order Book

View the Order Book in Depth up to Five LevelsView the order book depth up to five levels.

Place Orders in Monetary Amounts

Order in Monetary Amounts as an Alternative to Quantity of SecuritiesEnter orders in monetary amounts as an alternative to entering the number of securities, saving you the trouble of converting when you know the amount you would like to buy or sell. Convenient, fast and simple.

Combined Order (available soon)

Complile a Spread Portfolio Easly with Combined OrdersUse a combined order to compile a spread portfolio very easily. Combined orders can be used for both small and large portfolios.

Investing in Fractions (available soon)

Coming Soon - Invest in Fractions of Products to Spread your Investments EffectivelyDEGIRO will soon provide the unique opportunity to invest in fractions of products. You could for example, buy 0.100 of a share in Google. If you were to do this for the entire NASDAQ, your portfolio would contain the equivalent of 0.100 of the Index. Ideal for investors with smaller portfolios who would like to spread their investments effectively.

Favourites List

Add Securites to your Favourites List to Stay Informed on Price UpdatesEasily compile a list of favourite securities and stay informed about the latest price movements.

Mobile Trader App

Invest anytime, anywhere, with our mobile trader platform. Available as standard to all of our clients via:

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