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A great return isn’t just achieved through low transactions costs, but also by the ability to manage your portfolio easily and conveniently. Accessibility is an integral part of this, therefore we present the first version of the WebApp. The WebApp is available via the browser of your phone or tablet on https://m.degiro.nl


Log onto the WebApp with your username and password to quickly gain an overview of your portfolio. Here the portfolio value, daily results, cash fund and spending limit are displayed. You can instantly consult your positions, the quantity and the market price of the products. On the right-hand side of the position line, the total value and the daily results are displayed in both pounds and a percentage value. You can instantly start trading by clicking on the position line.



Under the “orders” heading an overview of outstanding orders is visible, from here Orders can be removed or altered.



Your daily transactions can be viewed under the “transactions” heading.

Placing an Order

Orders can quickly be placed via the “Plus” icon, located in the top right corner of the WebApp. The desired product can be found by searching for the ISIN code, Ticker code or Name. Products can also be selected from within the chosen favourites, however it isn’t yet possible to add new favourite products via the WebApp. When a product is located and clicked upon, it will appear in the order screen. In the order screen the bid and ask prices are shown, together with the corresponding volume sizes. Contrary to the desktop trader, the last traded price is not yet shown in the mobile trader.

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