1. Invest for extremely low fees (on average 85% lower!)

Transaction fees can often play a large part in determining your yield.  But not at DEGIRO.  With extremely low fees and investment possibilities worldwide, DEGIRO is the number one choice for online investors.  Trading with DEGIRO can save you on average 85% in commission fees compared to other online brokers, which can only boost your returns!

DEGIRO - Trade financial products on Exchanges Worldwide

2. Invest Worldwide

DEGIRO has been operating for many years as a broker for highly active and professional investors within Europe.  The DEGIRO infrastructure has been built and developed entirely in-house.  Through our systems it is possible to trade on all major stock markets worldwide using a multitude of financial instruments.

3. No Hidden Costs

It's free to open an investment account with DEGIRO and once you do, you'll have immediate access to unheard-of low fees.  DEGIRO’s pricing structure is simple and transparent with no hidden costs, so you know exactly what you are paying for and when, avoiding any unpleasant surprises.

4. Safe and Reliable

For a number of years DEGIRO has provided a reliable investment platform for professional investors in the Netherlands.  Every year we process billions of euros in transactions via our in-house infrastructure.  Our technology is fully compliant with regulatory banking standards.  We operate under the regulatory supervision of the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) and The Netherlands Financial Markets Authority (AFM).  DEGIRO is also registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).  You can rest assured you are investing safely with DEGIRO.  In contrast to traditional banks, your investments are 100% segregated and held within a separate custodian entity.  This means all of your assets are safely segregated from DEGIRO BV, the company behind DEGIRO.

5. Invest with more spending scope

DEGIRO has developed a unique margin system.  Through this method you can make use of a much higher spending margin.  It is also possible to go short in a large number of products both intra-day and overnight.  These investment possibilities are intended for highly experienced investors only.  For more information please refer to the guide in the document centre.

6. Best Execution

With DEGIRO you can be assured that your orders are placed on the main markets worldwide giving you access to increased liquidity and the best prices.  Special order types are also available on certain markets, potentially saving you up to a further 50% on your transaction costs.

7. Innovative Technology.

Cutting-edge technological innovation lies at the heart of DEGIRO's core values.  These innovations are reflected in a diverse product range.  DEGIRO develops its own software and incorporates client feedback from all operating countries to tailor the trading platform according to client needs, this encourages innovation and ensures more and more services can be offered in the future.  DEGIRO already distinguishes itself in relation to fees, truly global investment opportunities, investment in fractions, combined orders, placing orders as an amount and a revolutionary WebTrader.

Place Orders Simply and Innovatively with our Easy to Use Platform

8. Become a Client in 10 Minutes.

You can become a client of DEGIRO easily online in 10 minutes.  DEGIRO uses derived bank identification to authorise your account and confirm your identity.  The verification process is fully authenticated via your existing bank account, meaning there is no complicated paperwork to fill in.  You can transfer your first deposit to your DEGIRO account securely via your own bank or SOFORT.

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